Intranasal COVID vaccine more efficient, effective than traditional

By Prof. (Dr.) S.C. Mohanty*

There are over 170 Covid–19 vaccine candidates at various stages of development. So also number of Covid–19 patients are increasing in the world day by day. Intra nasal vaccine can be instrumental to tackle the situation. Intra nasal vaccine, developed by scientists which contains a weakened flu virus with some corona virus genes, is the first COVID–19 nasal spray vaccine candidate to enter human clinical trials in last September 2020. Intra nasal  vaccine (Ad-Covid) is expected to benefit from mucosal immunity in the nasal passages elicited by the intra nasal application of a vaccine.

There are many advantages of intra nasal route over traditional muscular stick. The Ad-Covid induces mucosal immunity which can erase the virus in the nasal cavity. Traditional intra muscular vaccine cannot kill the virus in the nasal cavity. So the virus replicates in the upper respiratory tracts. For that reason intra nasal vaccine is more effective by stimulating the body’s mucosal immunity.

Intra muscular vaccines, require an experienced health care worker, needles, syringes and the vaccine, all at same place at the same time, that is what is called logistical nightmare. Intra muscular vaccines may require two doses as opposed to one dose of prefilled syringe vaccine which is administered right in the nose. It could be self administered also. These logistical factors loom even longer in developing nations with less infrastructure. When compared to intra muscular vaccine health care workers may take years to complete the whole population.

To solve the problems, NASO VAX influenza intra nasal vaccine stimulate mucosal and cellular response producing robust SERUM and mucosal anti body response.

If researches continue in this direction, which is in human clinical trials on September 01, intra nasal delivery could just be the vehicle by which COVID–19 may be finally vanquished.



The author is a retired Superintendent of MKCG Medical College and Hospital.


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the article are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of Sambad English.

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