IWEC launches WeShare initiative to help local businesses

Bhubaneswar: The ICC Women’s Entrepreneurship Committee (IWEC), the exclusive women’s forum of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to promote women’s entrepreneurship in Odisha, on Tuesday launched the WeShare campaign with the objective to promote local businesses through the ‘Vocal for Local’ initiatives.

The WeShare initiative was launched by the honourable Minister for Energy, Industries, & MSME, Shri Dibya Shankar Mishra, in the presence of Ms.Varsha Priyadarshini, accomplished actress and philanthropist, and Shri Pawan Gupta, Director MSME DI, Odisha.

The launch saw active participation from 100+ women members of IWEC, members of the Odisha state ICC, various leaders of industries from Odisha through an online conference.

Led by Ms.Sukirti Patnaaik as the Convenor and Dr.Chidatmika Khatua as the Co-Convenor, the IWEC currently has over a 100 women members who are either business owners or have leadership roles in various industries. They are all key decision-makers, with the power to transform the lives of people in Odisha. IWEC has been actively creating an environment for engagement, collective learning, community growth, empowerment, promotions, and outreach.

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown many economic challenges. This once-in-a-century event has shaken the lives of millions of our fellow citizens. Business survival and the economic sustainability of individuals are of supreme concern. IWEC members under the leadership of Ms. Sukirti Patnaaik have taken a proactive stand of using their collective experiences for the good of society by creating a platform to address and support both businesses and consumers.

WeShare is a complete digital initiative that is reaching out to business owners and small enterprises, facing challenges of decreasing revenues and mounting liabilities. The noble initiative provides support in terms of design, promotion, reach, and awareness. Through social media promotions and commitments from individuals and businesses to purchase/sources from local businesses, the team hopes to make this a win-win proposition for everyone.

The following are the current campaigns on WeShare:

OFFERS & DISCOUNTS: Businesses offer discounts to customers. These deals are highlighted and promoted on the WeShare page.

PRE-PAID Campaign: Businesses offer the best deals for Pre-Paid customers. Customers pay for products/services by 15-Jun-2021 and can avail benefits of the lucrative offers till 31-Mar-2022. This campaign improves the cash flow for small entrepreneurs to stay afloat and survive the impacts of Covid-19. Customers get value deals that can be availed at any time during the financial year of 2021-2022.

I-PLEDGE Campaign: This campaign encourages individuals and businesses to commit to sourcing their purchasing needs from local businesses. Individuals and businesses commit to fixed amounts starting from Rs 2,000 based on their comfort and sourcing needs. These commitments can be spread across any of the promoted businesses. The purchasing/sourcing is done directly between the individuals and entrepreneurs. The I-PLEDGE is the strongest example for the practical implementation of the VOCAL FOR LOCAL drive.

WeShare campaigns are offered at no extra cost to businesses. There are no charges for designs, promotions or transaction fees. The whole idea behind WeShare is the power of Inclusive Growth and Community Transformation.

The WeShare initiative has received tremendous support from the ICC Odisha fraternity led by Chairman Shri J B Pany and Co-Chairman Shri Mahendra Gupta. Under their leadership, ICC has reached out to corporates, big enterprises, and individuals to make strategic changes to their sourcing needs. These changes will benefit the local economy by creating a trickle-down effect benefiting larger sections of the society.

Ms.Varsha Priyadarshini has long championed the causes of women and women’s entrepreneurship in Odisha. She has agreed to spread awareness and support entrepreneurs of our state by actively promoting the WeShare initiative. She has also agreed to be the official Brand Ambassador for the WeShare campaign. Through this, she hopes to transform the lives of not only the businesses impacted by the effects of Covid-19, but also help individuals get value deals from local businesses.

WeShare has also received numerous queries from businesses outside IWEC members for participation. The WeShare team is currently helping these businesses on-board the WeShare platform.

WeShare has also received support from our media fraternity who are actively championing this noble initiative. IWEC believes, ‘Transformation through Execution’ and awareness through media will spread the message of WeShare and help people benefit from it.

This is what some of the eminent personalities involved with the initiative have to say:

Sukirti Patnaaik
“Businesses are greatly affected by the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs or are facing the prospect of reduced income. We the women of IWEC have had the first-hand experience of the crisis. We also see the need to bring value deals to consumers to help them reduce their monthly spending. We are pleased to bring many women businesses into the WeShare platform. We have also generated considerable business and received pledges from individuals. We are also thankful to our honourable minister Shri Dibya Shankar Mishra, Ms.Varsha Priyadarshini& Shri Pawan Gupta for supporting us. It is one small step towards a sustainable economic ecosystem.”

Dr. Chidatmika Khatua
“IWEC has helped many women in the past year and a half. We have been able to build an active environment of positivity and support. WeShare is the newest initiative of IWEC to help businesses tide over the Covid-19 problems. I sincerely hope the benefits of WeShare reach each and every one of us.”

Shri Dibya Shankar Mishra
“Odisha is known for bouncing back from any crisis. Our strong history and our past performances have shown the resilience of our people and the ability to work for the betterment of our state. I am happy to see women playing an active role and leading initiatives like WeShare that help us all. These are the stories that make us proud of our culture, our values, and our upbringing. I pray for the success of WeShare and I hope ICC and IWEC are successful in their endeavour.”

Ms.Varsha Priyadarshini
“We all know the challenges thrown by the pandemic. I have personally come across so many touching stories of the impact on people’s lives. We all have the responsibility of helping each other in every possible way and means. Humanity is the highest virtue and crisis can raise the goodness in each of us. I applaud the women of IWEC for starting this WeShare initiative. I believe WeShare will make a big difference to our brothers and sisters in Odisha. Jai Jagannath.”

Shri Pawan Gupta:
“The Government of India has been proactive in promoting the role of MSME in our economy. We have had various policies and schemes that have benefitted millions of people. Women-owned businesses receive tremendous encouragement and SOPs from the government. We are pleased to be associated with IWEC women’s team and encourage noble initiatives like the WeShare. I would like to extend our very best for the success of WeShare.”

J B Pany
“ICC Odisha has always been a champion of entrepreneurs and businesses. Our women’s committee is known for its proactive engagements and transformations. It is one of the most dynamic groups of women in India. We are happy to see positive responses to the WeShare initiative. We hope to take it to every part of Odisha with the help of social media platforms, print & news media, and collaboration with industries and businesses. We are also thankful for the overwhelming support received from all sections of society.”

Mahendra Gupta:
“Tough times make us stronger and tough times bring the best out of us. We at ICC have consistently supported enterprises that are socially responsible. And WeShare is a socially responsible initiative that is launched with the active participation of our members. Many of us have committed to the I-PLEDGE campaign to help local businesses. Let us all do our bit to help each other.”

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