Jeetendra had serenaded wife with ‘Love you’ telegram

Mumbai, Nov 26:

Veteran actor Jeetendra says he used to pen love notes to his wife Shobha with the help of a telegram.

JeetendraReminiscing the times at an event for a mobile phone launch, he said: “I belong to an era where the first time I wanted to express myself to Shobha, who’s my wife now, she was my girlfriend that time… I sent her a telegram, ‘Love you’. And she sent me a telegram back saying ‘Fake’.

“I said, ‘No, really I love you a lot’. She said, ‘Double fake’. That was the type of communication at that time.”

The actor, lovingly called Bollywood’s Jumping Jack, was the guest of honour at an event, where Viaan Mobiles was launched in the presence of Farah Khan and Malaika Arora Khan.

“Whenever questions were asked, ‘Where were you?, I would say, ‘I was in Film City for a film’… We were having a gala time during our era. If today’s mobiles would’ve been there, we would’ve easily been caught. So many fights would’ve happened,” the 73-year-old quipped.

Nowadays, messaging Apps on smartphones have made communication easier.

On a lighter vein, Jeetendra said: I only keep those Whatsapp messages which Shobha can read, and remove all the other messages.”

“I don’t know how youngsters are handling it. Hats off to them for doing all their activities on phone,” he added. (IANS)

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