JNU increases grace marks for women, transgenders

New Delhi, May 27:

The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Friday brought in major changes in the deprivation points system which is used to help female and transgender candidates from backward regions of the country get admission into the varsity.

jnuIn an academic council meeting held in the campus by the Vice Chancellor and 52 JNU teachers, who are a part of the council, it was decided that all female and transgender candidates will be given five deprivation points, while girls and transgender candidates from backward areas will be give seven deprivation points.

Earlier this year, the university had reduced the compulsory grace points in the entrance examinations. Female and transgender candidates from backward areas were entitled to relaxation of four marks whereas girls and transgender not belonging to any backward areas were given relaxation of only two points.

In the past, female admission seekers were entitled to five deprivation points in the entrance exam. In addition, if they belonged to backward areas listed by JNU under Quartile 1 (demarcation of backward areas) and Quartile 2 categories, they got additional privilege of five and three marks, respectively. The deprivation points system was introduced in 1994.

In the meeting, it was also decided that five percent reservation will be given in the entrance examination of the university to widows/wives of armed forces personnel killed/disabled in action or during peace time. It was also decided on 27 percent reservation for OBC students in hostel allotment process.  (IANS)

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