‘Judge couple’ appointed in Rajasthan HC

Jaipur: The Union Ministry of Law and Justice has appointed Kuldeep Mathur and Shubha Mehta as two new Judges of the Rajasthan High Court.

As Shubha Mehta’s husband Mahendra Goyal is already a judge in the Rajasthan High Court, it is for the first time when both husband and wife will both be judges.

The total number of judges in the Rajasthan High Court will now increase from 25 to 27 with these appointments. However, 23 posts still remain vacant despite the new appointees.

The order of the names of Kuldeep Mathur and Shubha Mehta was issued by the Central Government on Friday evening.

Mathur has been made a judge from the lawyer quota and Shubha Mehta from the judicial service quota.


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