Kangana urges all to get vaccinated for Covid-19

Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut urged everyone on Wednesday to get themselves vaccinated for Covid-19, in a new video message on Twitter. She added that if we can’t be the solution then we should not be the problem, too.

Speaking in Hindi, she said: “The entire world is battling this pandemic and it has affected everyone, and I feel a lot of people are feeling disheartened. They feel negative and de-motivated.”

Kangana added: “I would like to say that this is not the time for self-pity because people who are really battling this, don’t have the time to feel disheartened. For those who are overthinking, let me tell you every generation somewhere has fought epidemics or pandemics, be it the Spanish flu, tuberculosis, or plague. So, why do you think you are special?”

The actress urged everyone to be the solution and not the problem.

“Today, with modernization and travel, the entire world has suddenly been affected, and the population of India is the highest in the world. The freedom we want to enjoy will have its drawbacks, too. But becoming a problem in this problem, how is that smart? If we can’t be the solution then we should not be the problem, too. We should help others but, first, help yourself,” Kangana said.

The 34-year-old actress asked everyone to be mindful about not contracting the virus.

“Be mindful that you do not get the virus. Till last year, we were hopeless about what would happen with the vaccine but we now have a vaccine and medicines, too. Doctors say that if you take a shot of the vaccine you don’t need to be hospitalized. You could be treated at home and, with mild symptoms, the recovery rate is 100 percent. So, is it right to spread rumors about the vaccine?” she continued.

“Many among my staff did not want to get vaccinated, but I made them understand and got them registered. On May 1, I will get vaccinated along with my family, staff, and friends. Please register for the vaccine, please don’t feel hopeless,” she said.


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