Kanwaria dies in sleep on temple premises in Odisha’s Deogarh

Deogarh: A Kanwaria died in his sleep on premises of a temple before pouring holy water on Shivling on first Somvar (Monday) of auspicious Shravan month here in the district.

The deceased devotee has been identified as Bibhuti Behera, a resident of Deojharan village under Kundheigola police limits in Deogarh district.

The incident occurred at the famous Jhadeswar Temple in Deogarh district.

According to reports, Bibhuti, who was working as a peon at Pathani Samanta Diploma College in Dhenkanal, had visited Deogarh along with 50 persons of his village on Sunday to perform ‘Jala Lagi’ ritual at the Jhadeswar temple on the first Shravan Somvar today morning. Yesterday evening, the Kanwarias collected the holy water from a nearest waterbody and preserved it on premises of the temple for worshipping Lord Shiva next morning.

At around 11 pm on Sunday, the 42-year-old Bibhuti slept on the floor with other Kanwarias on premises of temple after having food. At 3 am today, he did not wake up when his fellow Kanwarias called him for Jalabhisek on Shivling. Later, he was taken to Deogarh DHH where he was declared dead.

On receiving information, Deogarh police reached the hospital and initiated probe into the incident.

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