‘Kheer’ for bear, eggs for ostrich in winter diet

Lucknow/Kanpur: With temperatures plummeting in Uttar Pradesh, special arrangements are being made to protect animals and birds from biting cold in Lucknow and Kanpur zoos.

Director Lucknow Zoo, R.K. Singh, said that all enclosures had been covered with tarpaulin and plastic sheet to protect the inmates from cold winds. Special care is being taken to protect the birds that are more susceptible to vagaries of the weather.

The carnivorous animals are being given additional doses of vitamin A and D.

The bears are being served ‘kheer’ made with jaggery while chimpanzees and ostriches are being given boiled eggs. The chimpanzees are also relishing on fruits and are getting them in ample measure for their winter diet.

Monkeys are being given additional food that includes boiled eggs and peanuts. Deer are getting soaked grams along with cabbage leaves and birds are being given seasonal fruits, vegetables and even bread.

There are over 1,000 inmates in Lucknow zoo and that includes about 500 birds.

There are heaters which have been installed in the Kanpur zoo and special diet is being given to various animals and birds there as well.


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