Kitchen cure for winter ailments

With chilly winter winds, also enters uninvited guests – cold and flu. Seasons change and our bodies change accordingly to adapt to the weather conditions during that season. However, our immune system tends to get weak during this transition period, allowing viruses and bacteria to have a field day.

But, worry not! You don’t have to run to a doctor every now and then because your kitchen has all that you need to shoo away the ailments. Here’s a list of common ailments and their home remedies prescribed by a Bhubaneswar-based Ayurveda doctor:

Cold – The most common ailment which also, is the most uncomfortable one. The eyes go red, nose is runny and headache just doesn’t go. You can massage your feet with mustard oil when you go to sleep at night, have warm milk with turmeric in it, eat basil leaves every day to keep cold at bay.

Sore throat – A complementary with cold, sore throats are equally irritating. To keep it away, gargle with warm water twice a day, grind ginger and have it with honey or ghee, or boil ginger, black pepper, basil leaves in water and drink it warm.

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Asthma – Generally those with asthma face a lot of difficulty because cool breeze during winters aggravate the breathing problem. The best one can do is stay as warm as possible and avoid eating banana, curd and ice-cream.

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Painful Joints – Arthritis, rheumatoid, and other joint pains are at its peak during winter. Regular exercises and massages can be of great help. Besides, a paste of raw turmeric, lemon and ginger taken regularly will help reduce the pain.

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Cold hands and feet – Most people develop cold hands and feet during winters, literally, and they just don’t warm up. Wearing gloves and socks would help. Massaging with mustard oil or rubbing the palms daily improve blood circulation and warm up the body.

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Dry Skin – Winter is the worst season for our skin, especially those with dry and sensitive skin because the chilly winds make it dryer and itchy. There are cracks in skin which makes it look really unhealthy and ugly. What you can do at home, is, use coconut or jojoba oil to massage your body after taking bath. For your face, you can use milk and honey. Drink lots of water! That is the best you can do for your skin during winters.

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Flu – Fever, runny nose, headache, itchy eyes and perpetual discomfort and irritation is what flu feels like and affects most of us. Eat basil leaves, drink warm water, include onion and garlic in your diet and eat healthy clean food.

Depression during winters is also very common so stay engaged in work, read more and surround yourself with happy people! Go out for a walk daily, exercise and eat healthy food!

Happy Winters!


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