Know how ventilated spaces decrease COVID-19 transmission risk

Bhubaneswar: The Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India has issued advisory to prevent spread of COVID-19. The advisory highlights the important role well-ventilated spaces play in diluting the viral load of infected air. Ventilation can decrease the risk of transmission from one infected person to the other.

Just as smells can be diluted from the air through opening windows and doors and using exhaust systems, ventilating spaces with improved directional air flow decreases the accumulated viral load in the air, reducing the risk of transmission.

Introducing outdoor air in offices, homes and larger public spaces is advised. Measures to improve ventilation in these spaces must be taken up on urgent priority in urban and rural areas alike. Simple strategic placement of fans, open windows and doors, even slightly open windows can introduce outdoor air and improve the air quality inside.

Introduction of cross ventilation and exhaust fans will be beneficial in curtailing the spread of the disease. In buildings with central air-management systems, improving central air filtration/increased filtration efficiency is especially helpful when enhanced outdoor air delivery options are limited. In offices, auditoriums, shopping malls etc. use of gable fan systems and roof ventilators are recommended.

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