Know the offbeat saree draping styles of Odisha

Bhubaneswar: In how many different ways can the six-yard wonder be draped? In Odisha, different regions have their distinct draping style, though not very common these day.

If that excites your neurons to go for the permutation and combination, then this article will surely be of immense help to explore and experiment.

Interestingly, the way women generally drape saree with pallu over the left shoulder and neatly done pleats in the front has its origin in Andhra Pradesh.

Of the various styles, six of Odisha have been featured in the recently-released film series by Border&Fall, a Bengaluru-based creative agency and digital publication. ‘The Sari Series: An Anthology of Drape’, a compilation of 89 regional drapes in short films, aims at perception shift of the traditional yet versatile garment making it a chic affair.

Saree as an attire, without an iota of doubt, increases the grace and beauty quotient of women, but many find it cumbersome. The young women in the films make it feel all so easy by styling it with shirts, spaghetti tops, strapless blouses. No petticoat here, sticking to the original concept of saree designed to adapt.

Besides demonstrating how women don this ethnic wear, the films highlight the lesser-known Indian textiles and weaves.

The six drapes from Odisha include Kuncha, Kotapad, Santhal, Ghorapindha, Kaccha and its variations, along with Saktapar weave. Have a look.

  1. Santhal Drape

2. Kuncha Drape

3. Kachha Drape

4. Kachha Variation 1

5. Kotapad Drape

6. Ghorapindha Drape

It is interesting to watch on how the staid, traditional and formal unstitched fabric can be given a flip and worn in style by all. Next time when you open your saree closet, make sure to try some of these draping techniques.

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