Know what ‘Panjis’ predict for Odisha in 2018-19

Bhubaneswar: Annual new Odia ‘Panjis’, which will be read out to Hindu deities on Dola Purnima in villages across Odisha, predicted nothing something prosperity for the state throughout the year 2018-19.

Various Odia ‘Panjis’ (almanac) for 2018-19 have predicted cyclone in July and August in coastal districts, scanty rainfall, lack of crop production, rise in road accidents and political instability in Odisha.

Although, the state government is likely to take significant action in tackling the Maoist menace, the industry sector may witness indolence.

The ruling BJD is likely to face failure in implementation of various programmes and schemes in the state.

However, change in the government is not predicted by any Odia panji for this year, even though it will go through political instability and face huge criticism from the opposition parties.

According to various panjis approved by the Goddess Biraja and Lord Jagannath, the presiding deities at Jajpur Biraja Temple and Srimandir in Puri, Odisha will witness ups and downs in the year 2018-19. The flood-like situation is likely to occur in many districts. The water-borne diseases may pose as a challenge to the health department. The government may somehow fail to deal with unemployment issue.

However, there will be development in railway connectivity in the state in collaboration with the Centre. Several new programmes and schemes will be introduced by the government for development in education and other fields.

Some panjis predicted power shortage which will lead to outrage by the public in the present year.

The year will bring mixed results for the country; the Odia panjis predicted adding that the government at Centre will be stronger despite internal party conflict.

The states may oppose many central schemes, there may not be healthy relation between India and neighbouring Pakistan and the terrorist activities will be on rise in Jammu & Kashmir.

However, the bilateral ties between India and US will be strengthened.

The country may witness property loss to be incurred due to violence.

As the lord of the House mercury is placed in seventh house, which is the house of enemy, Jupiter is the King and Sun is the minister this year, justice will conquer over injustice, said some astrologers. The global terrorism will be on rise and violence will be reported in the countries like England, US, France, Germany, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. India may witness terror strikes in some parts this year. The Panjis predicted war between North Korea and US.

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