Lakhs throng Puri to witness Suna Besha of Lord Jagannath, His Siblings

Puri: Lakhs of devotees thronged pilgrim town of Puri today to witness the Suna Besha of Lord Jagannath and His siblings Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra in front of the Srimandir here.

The deities donned various types of gold ornaments on their respective chariots as the Daitapati servitors carried out the rituals.

The servitors brought 138 varieties of ornaments like Shribhuja, Sripayara, Ratna Padaka, Ratna Kirita, Kana Phula, Markata Mukuta, Pada Pallava, Mudi, Kanthimala, Markata Jaunli, Bala, Bahuti and Kati Mekhala from the Ratna Bhandara to decorate the deities.

Elaborate security measures were taken to control crowd and traffic movement.

The Suna Besha ritual is held once a year outside the sanctum sanctorum of Srimandir.

After returning from the Gundicha Temple post nine-day sojourn during Ratha Jatra, the deities are decorated with various types of gold ornaments by the servitors.

Lord Jagannath and Lord Balabhadra are donned with hands and feet made of gold. While Lord Jagannath holds a gold Chakra in his right hand and a silver conch in the left hand, Lord Balabhadra holds a golden plough in his left hand and a gold mace in the right hand.

Here are the details of types of golden ornaments used during Suna Besha:

1. Sri Hasta – Golden Hand.
2. Sri Payar – Golden feet.
3. Sri Mukuta – Golden big crown.
4. Sri Mayur Chandrika – A golden peacock feather used by Lord Jagannath as Sri Krishna headpiece.
5. Sri Chulapati – A golden ornament worn traditionally on the forehead to increase the beauty of the face.
6. Sri Kundal – Golden earring of hanging round ball type.
7. Sri Rahurekha – A half square shaped golden aura around the face of the deities.
8. Sri Mala – (Necklaces with Several Designs made of gold)
PADAM MALA -Lotus Shaped.
SEVATI MALA -Shaped Like Small Sunflower.
AGASTI MALA -Moon Shaped flower design.
KADAMBA MALA -Kadamba Flower Design (Round ball shape).
KANTE MALA -Big Gold Beads Design.
MAYUR MALA -Shaped in Peacock feathers.
CHAMPA MALA -Shaped liked Yellow champa Flower.
9. Sri Chita – It represents the third eye of Lords and placed on forehead of the deities.
10. Sri Chakra – Golden Wheel.
11. Sri Gada – Golden bludgeon.
12. Sri Padma – Golden lotus.
13. Sri Sankha – A silver conch.

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