Law and order situation goes haywire in Sambalpur city

Sambalpur: Rising number of cases recently registered at different police stations in Sambalpur revealed that law and order situation in the city has gone out of control.

“Not a single day has come when theft, loot and other minor crimes have not taken place. A number of cases are not registered with police. On an average, at least three cases of either theft or loot were registered with police in July,” many local denizens alleged.

“We feel very scared and unsecured to move out of our homes and declining law and order situation has posed a serious threat to residents. Despite the fact that police has successfully nabbed accused persons in some of the cases; it has failed in bringing crime under control,” the locals added.

In the absence of adequate patrolling, criminals have become active in the city. It is being carried out by the city police just as eyewash and should be beefed up, the residents demanded.

It is pertinent to mention, the total number of theft and loot cases registered at Ainthapali police station in July are 14 and 7, respectively. Similarly, Burla police station registered 9 and 1 theft and loot cases, Dhanupali 18 and 4, Hirakud 1 and 2, Khetrajpur 5 and 2, Sadar 2 and 1 and Town 9 and 7.

Considering the figures mentioned, total theft and loot cases are 58 and 24, respectively.

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