Lawyers in distress to get financial aid in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Odisha lawyers in financial or social distress will now get assistance upto Rs 10,000 for their sustenance during extraordinary situation under the Odisha State Bar Council Emergency Financial Assistance Rules, 2020.

The General Council of the Bar Council of India has approved the rules by council resolution through video conferencing.

The rules were framed and approved by the Special Committee of Odisha State Bar Council (OSBC) and was communicated to Bar Council of India by the OSBC Secretary. A meeting via video conference was held on May 5 for approval of the rules by the General Council of the BCI. 

After due consideration, the council approved the rules in terms of the statutory stipulation of Section-15(3) of the Advocates Act. The said rules come into effect from the date of its approval by the BCI.

Eligibility for Financial Assistance:-
An Advocate shall be eligible for the financial assistance under these Rules, if he/she fulfills the following criteria:

1. The advocate is in active regular practice at the bar as on the relevant date.

2. The advocate is on the state roll of the Advocates maintained by the State Bar Council.

3. The advocate has cleared All India Bar Examination, if the relevant Rule is applicable to him/her.

4. The advocate being a needy advocate become disable during the extraordinary situation.

5. The advocate is not receiving more than Rs 10,000 per month from the advocates with whom he/she is attached as a junior.

6. The advocate was needy advocate as defined under these Rules before the extraordinary situation.

7. The advocate is a voter of any affiliated Bar Association.

8. The advocate is not a pensioner.

9. The advocate is not in engagement as lawyer by the Government of India/State Government of Odisha or any corporate body or public or private sector with retainer fees.

10. The application for financial assistance should be recommended by the President/Secretary of the concerned Bar Association certifying the eligibility of the advocate for the financial assistance under these Rules.

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