Little known facts about Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik

Bhubaneswar,Oct 16

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is a very private person and his interviews are seldom about himself as an individual. Odisha Sun Times did some “extensive” research to find out details about the inside life of Biju Patnaik’s younger son and compiled a few. We, in the list below are not talking about his prowess as a writer or that he is left-handed.

Find out for yourselves…

1.Health-conscious avatar 

The longest serving Chief Minister of Odisha, has a very specific drink in the morning, while still in bed. Relax! No need to raise an eyebrow. His morning drink is just plain, simple papaya juice. Well, someone is clearly health-conscious!

2. “No phone please”

In an age where they even have a name for the phobia of being out of mobile phone contact (Nomophobia), Mr. Patnaik does not even own one! Maybe that explains his late foray into social media.

3. Comfort food

As the head of the government in the state, Pappu (as Naveen Patnaik is lovingly called by his friends), has all kinds of cuisines at his disposal. However, his favourite is ladies finger stuffed with masala aka Bharwa Bhindi and stir fried chicken in white sauce. Simple living, eh?

4. Lungi dance

We have never seen Naveen Patnaik in any other attire, except for the white kurta and pyjamas he wears. In the privacy of his home as well, he has a kind-of a dress code: checked-patterned lungi with a round or V-necked T-shirt. As for slippers, he is a Paragon slippers loyalist and would not wear slippers of any other brand.

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5. Classic or regular?

Yes, he is a smoker. Hang on, this is not our big revelation. But his brand should be an FYI for you. Naveen Patnaik smokes the suave Dunhill cigarettes of British American Tobacco company. Not like the taste of the common man.

And lastly….

Did you know?

That Naveen Patnaik in another life (before venturing into politics, that is) was the proud co-owner of an apparel boutique named Psychedelhi in Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi. In fact, his client list included the very famous English rock band The Beatles. His boutique also supplied apparel to outlets in London! How chic!

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