Looking for authentic Odia cuisine in Pune? Head to Odisha Hotel!

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Hotel, the restaurant known for serving bona fide Odia food in traditional utensils is soon to open an outlet in the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune soon.

Puneites can now relish classic non-vegetarian dishes from Odisha such as rohi machha besara, chilika crab and prawn curry, poi chhenchheda/ mudhi ghaanta, mahurali rai, maachha patra poda; delectable vegetarian items for religious occasion from ghia arna (ghee rice) to sadha besara, santula, ghaanta tarkarinadia bara, chhatu raai, dahi baigana, janhi aloo posto, saga muga and khataa.

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Season-specific nosh like the quintessential pakhala with its accompaniments, famed Odia sweet grub in the form of rasagola, chhenapoda, malpuaa even snacks like piaaji and kakera pitha, too are included in the à la carte menu. One can also devour the veritable Odia thali in seven varieties.

The names of dishes on the menu card are also written in the Odia script. Moreover, the food served in kansa (bell metal) utensils on fresh banana leaves is what will make the experience truly Odia.

Odisha Hotel utensils

“The Odia population in Pune in sizeable with many employed in the public and IT sector. Moreover, Odia food lovers are on a rise and it is our duty to serve such foodies. It has been a dream to see a branch of our hotel in every major city of the country by 2020. I am proud to be contributing to the promotion of Odia culture in this way,” said the proprietor of this chain of restaurants, Rajiv Swain.

Chefs from Odisha are being currently trained to take over the pantry at the opening of the eatery in Hinjewadi Phase I, slated for Aug 15 tentatively.

The first Odisha Hotel opened in the year 2000 in Bhubaneswar and today has 3 of them in the Odisha capital and one in New Delhi, as well. This hotel chain is soon to expand to cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jamshedpur and Kolkata.

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