Made in India battery-powered full face masks offer promise against COVID-19

New Delhi:  Mumbai-based Nevon Air has developed battery-powered full-face masks that provide five times filtration and are proving to be a promising solution to prevent Covid outbreaks.

The Nevon Air masks simply cover all the three entry points of Covid infection — mouth, nose and eyes. The air reaching the nose, eyes and mouth is filtered using five-layer filtration with added active carbon protection.

To ensure that such high filtration doesn’t create breathing issues, the battery-powered mask uses an air booster to suck in air and make breathing effortless, the company said.

The Made in India masks are a next-generation innovation and combination of N95 grade filtration with active carbon layer and a face shield for 100 per cent protection from airborne infections as well as air pollution.

The mask not only provides a solution for Covid but also for air pollution as the active carbon filter can absorb smoke, chemical pollutants and harmful gases.

“Improper masking is the foremost reason we are still stuck in this pandemic. The World Health Organization has strictly warned people to not rely entirely on vaccines alone and to continue masking even after getting vaccinated,” Neeraj Sawant, CEO of Nevon Solutions, said in a statement.

“Numerous variants have spread globally, and medical experts agree that new variants are still mutating and changing the game again. The Nevon Air masks simply disallow any bacteria, virus to enter one’s body be it existing Covid strain or mutated strain or any other viruses yet to come,” he added.


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