Mahesh Bhatt turns 67, daughters shower love

Mumbai, Sep 20:

Veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who has been in the forefront in breaking stereotypes with movies like “Zakhm” and “Arth”, turned 67 on Sunday.

MaheshBhatt with daughter AliaMahesh’s daughters – filmmaker Pooja and actress Alia — took to Twitter to wish their ‘unique mad’ father and acknowledged his influence in their life.

Pooja mentioned that her father has showed her the path to “question on”, while Alia said he makes her life “weirdly interesting”.

“Happy Birthday Pops! I love you. To my greatest life source. You give me strength to question on! Generosity, courage, life! Happy Birthday Pops! Love you to death and beyond,” Pooja tweeted.

Alia, who has got the tag of being a star by Mahesh, shared: “Happy birthday my special, unique MAD father! @MaheshNBhatt! You make life soo weirdly interesting… And of course CRAZY 😉 I love you.”

The birthday comes two days after Mahesh Bhatt lost his step-mother, Hemlata Bhatt.

The director, who has also ventured into the film business as a producer, writer and has even crooned for a film, seemed to be in pensive mood while sharing that his ‘other’ mother lost the race against time.

“My ‘other’ Mother melted into the ocean of time leaving me with memory of her loving touch,” Mahesh said on Friday.

Pooja described her as a brave soul and one of the main persons behind the “most epic love story”.

She said: “The guardian of the most epic love story, Hemlata Bhatt – my grandmother, passed away. She was 97 and braver than us all.”

Pooja also thanked her well-wishers and friends for standing by the family.

Some of Mahesh’s most acclaimed works includes “Saaransh”, “Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin”, “Sadak”, “Aashiqui” and “Zakhm”. (IANS)

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