Make workout sessions fun with Zumba in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: When looking for an ideal way of staying fit and losing fat, myriad ideas buzz inside our head. One of the major fitness techniques trending in Odisha is the Latin-inspired dance workout, Zumba. It’s not merely dance but a full package of fun workout that can not only help you burn calories but also elevate your mood any time of the day.

Bindu Makar, who has been a Zumba instructor in Bhubaneswar since July 2017, says, when she started classes there were only three students. “The number has increased to 25-30 in less than a year. In Cuttack, I have around 60 students. People are slowly starting to understand this exercise-cum-dance regime,” she says.

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The rules provided by Zumba Fitness, the company based in Miami, are strictly followed by the trainers here. “The music played is Latin American. We are not allowed to play Bollywood numbers, but I do it occasionally to make them feel at ease,” she adds.

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Though there’s no age limit for learning Zumba, a majority of trainees are homemakers and students, says Amit Kumar, a Zumba instructor in Cuttack. “People come with an idea of Zumba as a dance form, but it’s also a workout. Initially, they used to leave mid-way, but the number then rose unexpectedly,” he adds.

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Zumba has various forms like Basic, Sentao, Aqua, Toning and Strong by. Usually, Basic Zumba is taught, which includes aerobics and cardio for weight loss and fitness. “We are yet to introduce ‘Strong by’ Zumba, which is for fitness freaks who follow intensive workout techniques. We will soon have an instructor, Monalisa, for it in Bhubaneswar,” Bindu further says.

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Debanjan Bose, Zumba instructor based in Jharsuguda, also Regional Zumba Education Specialist, has around 600 students. “I started my classes in 2012 with 13 students and now it is one of the most sought-after fitness regimes,” he said from Mumbai, where he is conducting a Zumba workshop.

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For best results, a proper diet must be followed. Protein-rich food post-Zumba and carbohydrates before hitting the gym, is the norm, adds Bindu.

Now, you can lose weight and stay fit while enjoying the entire process too!

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