Malaysian cargo ship veers towards Odisha coast after storm in Bay 

Chilika: A cargo ship from Malaysian en-route to Visakhapatnam has been anchored near the mouth of Chilika lake at Rajhans under Krushnaprasad block in Puri district after losing direction following a storm in Bay of Bengal.

Reportedly, total eight people, including seven Malaysians and an Indian, are there in the ship that has been stranded at the island for the last two days.

The ship carrying iron ore and other minerals from Malaysia had unloaded the shipment in Bangladesh and was heading to Vishakhapatnam port to pick up new cargo when its engine developed a technical glitch. Later, the ship got caught in a storm in the Bay of Bengal and drifted towards Odisha before landing at Rajhans.

“The ship has been stranded at Rajhans island for the last two days due to technical glitches in its machines. Engineers and mechanics have been pressed into service for its repair. Besides, police personnel have also been deployed at the spot to help the crew of the ship,” said Krushnaprasad police station IIC Sudhir Ranjan Sahu.

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