Man hires criminals to kill son over violent behaviour

Hapur: In a shocking incident, a man in Uttar Pradesh got his 20-year-old son killed because he was “fed up” with the latter’s violent behaviour and lavish lifestyle.

The victim, Rishabh Tomar, was found dead with his throat slit in his car on Wednesday morning in Simbhaoli area.

Police took just two days to crack the case and the father, Kamal Chand Tomar, and two hired criminals who had been paid Rs 2 lakhs have been arrested.

Kamal, who owns an automobile repair shop, told reporters at the police station: “My son had lost his senses. He used to hurl abuses and even beat me and my wife for money. He once broke his mother’s arm. I took him to a doctor also and he was under treatment. But, every now and then, he would demand money. Our lives had become hell. I was left with no choice.”

Hapur Superintendent of Police (SP) Sanjeev Suman, said: “Kamal Chand paid Rs 2 lakhs to his neighbour, Kamal Pal, to kill Rishabh. Pal hired his friends Pramod, who knew Rishabh well. They took Rishabh to Simbhaoli where they consumed liquor. and they killed him.”

The SP said that he got suspicious about Kamal Chand Tomar’s role soon after the murder.

“We got suspicious when Rishabh’s parents came and told us about the murder. They were not bothered much and even asked us not to conduct a post-mortem examination on the body. They were also not keen on filing an FIR. A detailed investigation revealed the plot. We have recovered Rs 1.3 lakhs from the hired youths.”


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