Man kills sister, calls police and drinks poison

New Delhi, Aug 6 :

A 29-year-old woman was stabbed to death here Wednesday by her brother who called the police to report the crime and then consumed poison in a bid to commit suicide, police said.

Jyoti, 29, a B.Com. final year student, was stabbed by her 24-year old brother, Mohinder, inside their house in south Delhi’s R.K. Puram area, a police official said.

The incident took place around 3 a.m. Wednesday in R.K. Puram’s Sector 3.

The official said that Mohinder, who was jobless, slashed his sister’s throat and both of her hands and then informed the police of the incident.

He also consumed a poisonous substance after making a call to police about the murder.

“He was rushed to Safdarjung hospital where doctors shifted him to ICU (Intensive Care Unit). His condition is still critical. A case of murder has been registered against him,” said the official.

The parents of the siblings died a few years ago.

According to the official, the brotehr and sister duo were surviving on the gratuity fund of their father, who worked in Delhi’s Meteorological Department and died in 2008.

“The gratuity and some other properties were in the name of Jyoti. Mohinder feared that he will not get a share in his parents’ property after his sister’s marriage. He would fight with her over the issue, and that might be the reason behind the attack,” said the official.


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