Manav Kaul on OTT competition to films: Options are always a good thing

Mumbai:  Actor Manav Kaul doesn’t think the web space will ever overshadow the theatrical experience.

“We are so many people in this country and everyone has their own way of entertaining themselves. So, people who like going to the theatres will go to the theatres but the idea is that there are options now, and options are always a good thing,” Manav said.

“It is a healthy competition. There are so many OTT platforms and people are actually thriving,” he added.

On his process of acting, Manav says he performs solely for the director, and it is always only the director’s call that matters to him as an actor.

“As long as my director and co-actor and the team are on the same page, I am comfortable because I am performing for the director. I am not at all interested in anyone else. I go all out for the director,” Manav said.

He added: “Sometimes I’ll be not good and sometimes I will be very good, but it is always the director’s call. Just as it is the make-up person’s call how I look and not my call. So, everyone is doing their job and you just have to stick to yours, and I love my job. It is so good.”

The actor was recently seen in the Netflix’s anthology “Ajeeb Daastaans”. He featured in Kayoze Irani’s segment titled “Ankahi”, which also stars Shefali Shah and Tota Roy Chowdhury.


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