Meet internet sensation, 62-year-old multifaceted ‘Dancing Dadi’

Bhubaneswar/Mumbai: “The golden age is before us, not behind us,” William Shakespeare said ages ago. Now, a 62-year old woman Ravi Bala Sharma, who’s grown popular on the social media platforms as the ‘dancing dadi’, has proven that just right.

After serving as a music teacher at a government school in Delhi for 27 years, Ravi Bala retired from her job and moved to Mumbai to live with her son in 2019.  In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic broke locking everyone indoors.  While people were struggling with their COVID blues, Ravi Bala decided to spend her time doing what she loves to do-‘dance’.

She recorded a video of herself dancing to a Bollywood song and shared it on social media. That marked the beginning of her journey from Ravi Bala Sharma to ‘Dancing Dadi’.

Within no time Ravi Bala’s dance videos went viral on Facebook and Instagram. She shot to fame after social media influencer Bhuvan Bam, singer Diljit Dosanjh and choreographer Terence Lewis shared her videos on their pages, giving shout-outs.

A motivated Ravi Bala then continued to make more dance videos and shared them on her Instagram and Facebook pages that she had shortly debuted in.  But, she didn’t just stop at dancing. Earlier this year, Ravi Bala shared two more aspects of her talent in music on her social media pages. Turned out, the popular ‘Dancing Dadi’ is a terrific tablachi and harmoniumist as well.

Here are two videos of her- one in which she is seen playing a harmonium and singing Bollywood song ‘Aoge jan tum o saajna’ and another, in which she plays tabla with finesse.

Posted by Ravi Bala Sharma on Saturday, 30 January 2021



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Ravi Bala’s latest dance video was ‘special’ for her as she was joined by her son in the routine, her caption read.


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Ravi Bala Sharma stood out as an inspiration for people of all generations. Breaking the stereotype of how life should be for retirees, she chose to make a new start of her life with a fresh perspective and high spirits.



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