Met Hafiz Saeed as a journalist, says Vaidik

New Delhi, July 15 :

Yoga guru Ramdev’s aide Ved Pratap Vaidik said Tuesday that he met Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Saeed in Lahore as a journalist.

Ved Pratap Vaidik- in the eye of a storm
Ved Pratap Vaidik- in the eye of a storm

“I met him as a journalist. All doors are open for me,” Vaidik told the media here, after his meeting with Saeed, who masterminded the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, triggered a major row.

“I am not close to anyone or any party. I am known as the greatest opponent of the Congress,” he added, after the Congress took the lead in denouncing his meeting with Saeed.

“The Congress is associating me with the government so that they can attack them through me.”

After Rahul Gandhi called Vaidik a “RSS man”, Vaidik said he would not file a defamation suit as he was “a very small person” compared to the Congress leader.

Vaidik insisted that his meeting with Saeed had nothing to do with the status of Jammu and Kashmir.

“You can behead me if I talked about separating Kashmir from India. I don’t want that. Separating Kashmir from India is the greatest foolishness. I want Kashmir to be a bridge between India and Pakistan.”


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