Modi failed to fulfil promises made for Odisha: BJD

Bhubaneswar: The outgoing party Biju Janata Dal (BJD) today took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not speaking on the unkept promises made for Odisha during his speech at Jeypore.

“PM Narendra Modi visited Odisha on a day when a BJP candidate for 2019 Assembly Polls is leaving the BJP and joining BJD. The message is loud and clear that the BJP is disintegrating fast. The BJP was in power with us in Odisha for 9 years and BJP is in power at Delhi for past 5 years, totalling 14 years of power in last 19 years. During this period what has BJP done for the people of Odisha?,” the BJD questioned.

Hitting out at the BJP, the regional party further said: “People of Odisha were expecting to hear about the Coastal Highway which has not been built or the second Brahmani Bridge and Ispat Medical College which was promised but never done or about Special Category Status for Odisha which was promised by BJP in its 2014 election Manifesto. None of the promises have been kept and there is also no mention when they would be done. Even if a special package for Odisha would have been announced, people might have listened to the promises. But unfortunately, from lack of support on Mahanadi and Polavaram issues to slashing of central funds for 33 programmes and stopping 8 programmes like BRGF, IAP and KBK have caused pain to the people of Odisha and they can never forgive BJP for doing this.”

Many states in India including BJP ruled have found that Ayushman Yojana has completely failed whereas in Odisha Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana with 7 lakhs of health assurance for women has been hailed internationally. KALIA Yojana is a role model for economists and agricultural experts across India and globally but due to pressurization by BJP the KALIA Yojana has been stopped, affecting 20 lakh farmers immediately who were awaiting the support. The BJP believes in party not Mati (the state), Biju Janata Dal believes in Mati (the state and the people) and not the party. The people of Odisha have understood this and under the dynamic leadership of Naveen Patnaik will again elect Patnaik for a record fifth term in the ongoing elections in Odisha and also bless BJD with all 21 MP seats in the state, it further added.

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