Modi targets BJD Govt in Odisha; says ‘everything controlled by one mafia’

Cuttack: Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued to attack the BJD Government in Odisha over lack of industries, and employment in the state.

Addressing a public rally in Cuttack city, he termed the BJD government a ‘low speed’ government that allegedly offered people of Odisha only mafias instead of development.

“There is one mafia who is controlling every sector here. He is not allowing anyone for the competition. Let the BJP form the government in Odisha on June 10, the party is going to eliminate that mafia,” Modi said without naming a person.

On the royalties in mining, he said that the BJP-led government at the Centre sent a record amount to Odisha in the last 10 years, yet no development took place by utilising those funds in the state.

“Odisha was receiving only Rs 5,000 Crore during Congress rule at the Centre as per the previous mining policy. Since the BJP came to power at the Centre, the state is now getting Rs 50,000 Crore as royalties from the mining. This apart, the Centre is sending Rs 26,000 Crore to Odisha under DMF. However, I found scarcity in everything wherever I visited the places in Odisha. The BJD is looting money by offering tenders to its own people,” he alleged.

He cornered the BJD government on increasing unemployment and migration in the state.

“The youth of Odisha have to migrate to other states in search of work due to lack of industries here. The BJD government failed to create a suitable environment for investment. Earlier, there were industries in Cuttack. However, those were closed one after one in subsequent period. As a result, the economic life was destroyed affecting youth and their future. Therefore, we need industries, investment and revival of industries here. I assure you that BJP has capability to do these things,” Modi said in his address to the huge gathering at Cuttack Zilla Ground.


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