Molestation at Gundicha Temple: Special probe team formed by Odisha police

Puri: The Puri police have formed a special team to probe into the alleged molestation of women devotees by a cop during Sandhya Darshan of deities at Gundicha Temple here.

The team, comprising some women officials, will be led by a sub-inspector. It will start investigation from the spot of the incident, police sources said.

A case in this regard has been registered at the Kumbharpada police station after DGP KB Singh directed Puri SP Sarthak Sarangi to probe into the matter.

Notably, a medical student shared her harrowing experience where women were groped inappropriately in front of her during the Sandhya Darshan on social networking site.

“Just returning from Puri. I am very very disheartened seeing the scenario here. It’s like I didn’t want to create a mess there but I just couldn’t control myself. Ladies are misbehaved like hell. There are some OAFs and police who were touching the private areas of girls. I don’t know what this world has come to. I am actually ashamed that such things especially happen in Puri dham. I really don’t know what I did was right or not. I lost my patience then. Holding his collar, I slapped him thrice. Not only this, complained his name to the SP as well,” the woman wrote on her Facebook wall.

“It’s not that this is something rare. It’s happens with a girl often. But if we keep quiet like this, people will keep doing such ridiculous things again and again. I can’t stop everyone. I really can’t. But I am happy that after all this some girls, an old woman and a handicapped man thanked me. I couldn’t see Lord Jagannath though because of the rush and all those shit. But above everything those blessings I got from them counts even more. Please be very very careful when you are visiting some temple or a crowded place,” the post read.

At the end of the post, she clarified that she wasn’t the victim. Rather, it was two other girls and an aged woman who have been misbehaved by the cop.

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