Monster mom on the run; daughter hospitalised

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sep 10:

The barbarous mother in Odisha capital who tortured her 17-year-old daughter mentally and physically has disappeared, while the girl has been admitted to SCB Medical College hospital in Cuttack.

monster mother

The young girl had accused her mother of torture, singing with hot objects, making her sleep with a dog and feeding her dog medicine.

After reading the report published in ‘Sambad’, the accused mother has fled and is in hiding. The police have already registered a case against the accused and started questioning her relatives to find out the truth. Meanwhile, CWC has admitted the teen to SCB medical college in Cuttack for treatment and counselling.

The victim is the daughter of Sridhar Behera and Chandrawati Behera. She had come to stay with her mother and uncle in Pokhariput BDA colony. The girl was given only four dresses to wear and was made to do all household chores. Her mother made her sleep with their pet dog, used to tie her up and severely beat her up for minor mistakes. When the girl cried in pain, the cruel mother used to rub chilly power on her wounds and singe her with hot objects, the girl has revealed in her complaint.  Unable to take the brutal abuse by her mother anymore, the girl ran away from her house, and called the child line.

The girl has been taken under the Child welfare committee wing, which took her to the airfield police station to file a complaint against her mother.

The committee has also informed the Bhubaneswar ADM, Abnikant Pattanayak, DCP Satyabrata Bhoi and CWC head about the incident.

The police have said that they are investigating the case and will find out Chandrawati very soon.


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