Move effortlessly in apps world with Facebook

California, May 2

Billed as a game changer in the mobile industry, Facebook has unveiled a new free and open-source service that would make it easier for you to navigate from one app to another and back again.
Called App Links, this would help app developers create links between different mobile apps.

“Using App Links, developers can allow users to click a link inside one app and flip to another application. The App Links service also gives users a banner at the top of the App they have switched to, so they can easily go back to the app they were originally using,” said Ilya Sukhar, former CEO of mobile app platform Parse who is now member of Facebook’s Platform team.

The service will automatically load a linked app instead of the Web version, if installed on the device.

Using Facebook’s system, for example, companies like Mailbox can make it possible for users to quickly open links to services like Soundcloud or Redfin inside their native apps, rather than in a web browser, a Geek Wire report said.

Any developer can get started implementing App Links inside their app by visiting


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