‘Mu tumaku bhala paye’, Polish girl appeals in Odia to trace lost love

Bhubaneswar: ‘Mu Tumaku Bhala Paye’ (I love you), ‘Tame Jadi Mote Dekhucha, Mu Asuchi Tuma Pakhaku’ (If you are watching me, I am coming to you), I love you, these words are neither the lyrics of a romantic Odia song nor dialogues of any film. It’s real. A girl from all the way Poland is seen expressing her feelings for the “love” of her life – – a man from Bhubaneswar in Odisha — with whom she fell in love after knowing each other on Facebook.

The girl, named Katy in her social media account, has claimed that the Bhubaneswar boy had proposed her and before she could reply, he hung up the phone and became untraceable since then.

Now, the Poland girl is ready to fly to Odisha to meet her lover. “I personally liked his company and his cute Odia accent. But the moment he proposed, I went blank, like I did not know what to reply. And, he kept on saying and pleading and I was speechless,” the girl is seen in video, appealing to all social media users to share her video widely to help her meeting her love interest.

She said the Bhubaneswar boy had deleted his profile on Facebook when she searched after some time.

After ten minutes, he said Katy, ‘Mate Reply Diya, Mu Wait Karichi’ (please reply, I am waiting). But when I did not answer, he hung up the phone. Two days went by, there was no call or text from his side. I opened WhatsApp and saw that his display picture was not showing. I even tried to call him but couldn’t connect. I went searching for his profile on Facebook but his account was deleted,” she added.

The emotional and love-strick Polish girl further expressed: “Maybe I couldn’t reply anything when he proposed to me. But now, my every heartbeat echoes his words ‘Mu Tumaku Bhala Paye’. So, I have decided to find him. I don’t know how. I have gathered all possible contacts to find him and tell him that ‘Mu Tumaku Bhala Paye’. Yes, I am coming to Bhubaneswar.”

“Guys, I really need your help. Please share this video and somewhere he may be watching. I love you,” she appealed in her video.

The video, within minutes, has been shared again and again by followers and went viral.

The video, posted by Ollyflix on Facebook, is being widely shared on social media again and again by her followers and it went viral within a few minutes.

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