Musk says ‘inevitable’ as Meta unveils paid verification on FB, Insta

San Francisco: Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Monday reacted to Meta’s announcement of the new paid verification for Instagram and Facebook, and stated it as “inevitable.”

The news website tweeted, “JUST IN – Zuckerberg copies Twitter: $12 bucks per month to get verified and receive a blue badge.”

Musk replied: “Inevitable.”

Meta on Sunday announced it is testing paid verification for Instagram and Facebook for $11.99 per month for the web and $14.99 per month for mobile.

In a tweet, Sriram Krishnan, a former Twitter executive of Indian origin and Musk’s adviser, said: “Think @elonmusk basically ended the old world of verification and badges online forever.”

“I hate the old verification system. Endless favour trading / corruption / people getting some random press piece written just to get verified / unhappy customers and uneven implementation. This is so much better and cleaner,” Krishnan added.

To this Musk replied: “Exactly”.

Many users expressed their thoughts on Twitter CEO’s post.

While one user said, “Facebook is a worthless wasteland at this point. The only reason I keep my account is to get the occasional photo memory. You’d be better off taking that $12 a month and setting it on fire.”

Another commented, “Verification will just become another business expense you can have your accountant write off like office supplies and coffee.”


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