Must watch: Odisha rapper releases anti-racism rap video and the internet cannot keep calm

Bhubaneswar: Odisha rapper Samir Mohanty released a rap video titled “Are You Indian” yesterday that is breaking the internet with its power-packed lyrics, taking a point-blank shot at society that indulges in racism.

From mocking the appearance of people to stereotypes associated with their lifestyle, this video mirrors every possible type of humiliation that people of north-eastern origin are subjected to.

In an exclusive chat with Odisha Sun Times, Samir revealed, “I have been facing racism my entire life because of the way I look. I have a Japanese mother and my father is an Odia, so I have mongoloid (Msiatic) features. My school in Darjeeling was divided in groups of north-east Indians and mainland Indians. Even though I look like the north-easterns, those guys never included me in their community and took me to be a mainlander. I was again discriminated by the people who looked like me. I have experienced both sides of the story. I think there is no better person than me to speak on this issue.”

Labelling it as an ‘anti-racism rap’ Samir said that this was by far the hardest and longest song he has ever written, slogging for 10-12 hours for seven straight days till he came up with the lyrics.

The video has been garnering views and appreciation from netizens on the internet who are commending this 26-year-old rapper from Puri for speaking out on prejudice surrounding a community in a country that is a melting pot of ethnicities, cultures and traditions.

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