Myriad hues of Odisha capital sky in pictures

Bhubaneswar: The capital city of Odisha has many sights to enchant than its ubiquitous temples. The city’s sky is one among the myriad hues that will surely make you fall in love with it.

Odisha Sun Times compiled some of the breathtaking images sourced from contributors, social media platforms and in-house photographers — a complete package to uplift your mood anytime.

Bow of Colours

Sky in August; Picture Courtesy: Prajna Pradhan/ Facebook

Mild Hues of Sunrise

Picture Courtesy: Basudev Dalai/ Facebook


Picture Courtesy: Shubhabrata Patnaik/ Facebook

Gloomy Beasts

Picture Courtesy: Shovna Mishra/ Facebook

Twilight and June

Picture Courtesy: Bhargav Mishra/ Facebook

Billowing White

Picture Courtesy: Mihir Saran/ Facebook

Divine Merger

Picture Courtesy: Amisha Das/ Facebook

Brewing Storm

Picture Courtesy: Manas Ranjan/ Facebook

Through the Arch – A Golden World

Picture Courtesy: Anshuman Patnaik/ Facebook

Reflection and Departure

A reflection of sunset and sky; Picture Courtesy: Amisha Das/ Facebook



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