Narendra Modi govt dangerous for employment: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: After reports of job losses in August, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that the Modi government was ‘dangerous for employment’.

In a tweet in Hindi he said, “Modi government is dangerous for employment. He does not promote or support ‘friendless’ business or employment but is snatching jobs from the employed. And the people are expected to be self-reliant.”

He quoted the report from CMIE, which says 15 lakh people from the formal and informal sectors lost their jobs in August. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), in the data Released said the number of the employed fell from with nearly 1.3 million job losses in rural India alone, the national unemployment rate rose from to 8.32 per cent last month which was 6.95 per cent in July.

Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday had attacked the government on inflation. He said the problem with the government was structural and not cyclic as it has lost economic vision and the situation is now at the 1991 level.

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of New India has failed and all the slogans of the Prime Minister have only been rhetoric and now the country needs a new vision which can revive the economy.

He alleged that the government has earned Rs 23 lakh crore from the GDP (Gas, diesel, petrol) when the international prices are down.

When the UPA was in power, crude oil prices were $105 and now it’s $71 while gas price is less than 26 per cent than what it was during the UPA government. In 2014 when the UPA left, the gas cylinder cost Rs 410 and now it’s 885. In the same way, petrol was Rs 71 and diesel Rs 57 a litre in 2014 and now petrol is Rs 101 per litre in Delhi and diesel costs Rs 88 a litre.


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