Nearly 2000, Russian armoured vehicles, 163 planes and 145 helicopters destroyed: Ukraine

Kyiv: According to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, it has destroyed 1,982 armoured combat vehicles, 163 planes, and 145 helicopters of Russia as of April 16.

Highlighting the total military equipment losses of Russia between February 24 and April 16, General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces posted on Facebook: “At least 20,100 military personnel, 762 tanks, 1,982 armoured combat vehicles, 371 artillery systems, 125 multiple rocket launchers, 66 units of air defence equipment, 163 planes, 145 helicopters, 1,458 automobile equipment, 8 ships/speedboats, 76 fuel tanks, 138 operational-tactical UAVs, 26 units of special equipment, 4 operational-tactical missile complexes have been lost.

“Beat the occupant! Together we will win! Our strength is in the truth! Strike the occupier! Let’s win together!” Ukrayinska Pravda reported.

However, this information is being confirmed, it reported.


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