Nepal quake toll rises above 3,723

Kathmandu, April 27:

The death toll from Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal on Monday rose to 3,723, with the worst-hit Kathmandu Valley alone accounting for 1,202 fatalities.


The home ministry and Nepal Police headquarters said 6,313 people had been injured across the nation in Saturday’s 7.9 magnitude earthquake, the deadliest to hit the country after 1934.

Among the 25 most affected districts, Kathmandu saw 1,202 deaths. Another 4,228 have been injured.

Bhutan Prime Minister Thering Togbay arrived here on Monday to offer his country’s condolences.

Millions of dollars are pouring into Nepal in aid from donor communities and nations.

But rescue and search teams are yet to reach some remote parts of Nepal.

Thousands who came to Kathmandu have started leaving the capital due to continuing aftershocks, lack of essential commodities and insecurity. (IANS)

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