Nepali girl commits suicide after Brazil’s defeat

Kathmandu, July 9 :

A diehard 15-year-old fan of Brazil in Nepal committed suicide Wednesday after the South American nation’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semifinal Tuesday.


According to Nepal Police, Pragya Thapa, 15, from Sunsari district in east Nepal, hanged herself Wednesday morning after some of her friends teased her that her team had suffered a humiliating loss to Germany.

The disheartened Pragya, a 10th grader in a local school, hung herself when her mother and sister also joined her friends and took Germany’s side, police said. Germany defeated Brazil on its home soil 7-1 disheartening millions of fans across the world.

“She (Pragya) was anxious to see Brazil in the final but it went down to Germany. Some of her friends started teasing her for supporting Brazil. Later in the morning, she took such an extreme measure hanging herself in her own room,” Sharad Thapa, a Nepal Police inspector, said after preliminary investigation.

Her father works in a Gulf country and her grandparents were looking after her. After a brief discussion with her friends about the World Cup game, she studied for a while in her room before committing suicide.


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