Netizens spew venom on Odisha godman in cyberspace

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 5:

Disillusioned by the unsavoury revelations about Sarathi Baba in the media, netizens vented out their anger over the controversial Odisha godman’s alleged escapade at a Hyderabad-based star hotel with a woman cohort in cyberspace, spewing venom and sarcasm in equal measure in the social media and micro-blogging sites.

Cartoons and  spoofs on Sarathi Baba were the order of the day on the social media on Wednesday
Cartoons and spoofs on Sarathi Baba were the order of the day on the social media on Wednesday

The self-proclaimed social media activists and twitterati set the cyberspace afire with their scathing remarks abusing and ridiculing the self-styled godman Sarathi Baba with or without pictures and cartoons.

There was hardly any escape route for the Baba sympathisers as whosoever came forward in his defence literally mowed down by the crusaders.

A housewife from Bhubaneswar, Sujata Patnaik, posted on Kanak TV’s facebook page @ Y Baba din men bhaiya rat ko sainya.

Among the few supporters of the Baba was Rajesh Kumar who posted @Media mane kete lancha neichanti sarathi nku badlam karibaku… (How much money media houses have taken to defame Sarathi Baba).

Some of the hate posts were: Jagadish Bhatta @ heights yaar. Hang that blody *%$%%$ who is misguiding to ppl in the name of culture, religion :@, Chittaranjan Jena @ bujhi heuni ete educated hei v loka mane emiti baba mananku bhagban boli manuchanti kipari.ebe v samaya achi emiti baba manaku danda diajau.nahele aau gote baba janma neba jia heba sarathi-2 (Can’t understand how educated people too consider such fraudsters god. There is still time to punish such babas. Otherwise, another baba would emerge, who would be Sarathi II) , Sarash Jena @  Bhanda sarathi ku sidha nanda kariki, rasta re chalei chalei jail re purei dia (Tonsure the fraudster Sarathi  Baba, parade him through the streets and put him in jail) and @ Pitta maduaa ta sala.mada chhada aau kichhi taku kama dabani,godei godei pita salaku (He is a drunkard. Nothing will work against him except liquor. Chase him down and thrash him soundly).

Similarly, twitter was also abuzz with Sarathi Baba tweets. Some of the tweets read: @siddhantrocky tweeted #sarathibaba exposed! I strongly request everybody to not follow these fraud idiots who loot the innocent people. @bikashbehera95 tweeted #SarathiBaba And there unfurls the secret of another self-proclaimed Son of God or so-called Messenger of God. @pkruler tweeted… #SarathiBaba #Odisha Another False God Man Named “Sarathi baba” from Odisha is exposed.



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