New ‘Dracula’ series to be produced by ‘Sherlock’ series team

Los Angeles: Writers and producers of the hit detective series “Sherlock” are reuniting for a new take on the Bram Stoker vampire classic “Dracula”. Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat will write the series, and Sue Vertues Hartswood Films will produce.

“Dracula” will adopt the same format as “Sherlock,” with a miniseries run of feature-length episodes, reports

“Sherlock” propelled actor Benedict Cumberbatch to international stardom for his portrayal of  Sherlock Holmes. With scripts not yet written, casting is yet to happen for “Dracula”.

Moffat and Gatiss last worked together for “Sherlock” but have said there are no current plans for a new series of “Sherlock,”. However, they have not ruled out returning to write more episodes in the future.

It is not yet clear whether, like “Sherlock,” “Dracula” will have a modern-day British setting. Stoker’s 1897 novel has Dracula attempting to move from Transylvania to England in search for new blood.

The new “Dracula” won’t be the first attempt in recent years to adapt the Gothic horror story for TV. London-based Carnival, producers of “Downton Abbey,” made “Dracula” in 2013. The show ran only  for one season.


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