New York’s Public School To Reopen As Due To Low Virus Rates In Schools

This month, the city’s Public School system, which was shut down in in-person learning, will bring back the preschool students and children in Kindergarten through fifth grade whose parents chose a mix of in-school and remote education.

Due to the rising Coronavirus infection, the New York School was shut down weeks before it was reopened, but now it will be reopened for the particular education students in all grades who have individually complex needs will be welcomed back, which will be starting from Thursday.

Mayor Bill De Blasio informed that Middle school and High school would remain all remote at least until after the holiday break.  On 28th November, Blasio announced that the Public School building would remain closed due to the rise in the number of coronavirus cases, and the city crossed a threshold set earlier of 3% of all the coronavirus tests performed over seven days coming back positive.

According to the reports of CNN, the rate of positive Covid-19 tests is now over 5%, according to the city’s figures, but de Blasio has said it’s safe to reopen beefed-up testing protocols — in part because few infections have been linked to the schools.

Blasio further stated – “ We have facts now for two straight months of extraordinarily low levels of transmission in our schools, our schools are clearly safer. This is what our health care leaders say. Our schools are safer than pretty much any place else in New York City. So, I really think everyone in the school community can feel secure because so many measures are in place to protect everyone.”

On 29th November, Blasio announced that school buildings serving younger children and special-needs students would reopen with coronavirus testing increased from monthly to weekly. Masks and social distancing are required at all city schools.

About 190,000 students will be eligible to return to school buildings starting today. After closing schools in March, New York City was one of the first large US cities to reopen school buildings in September, but most parents chose online-only learning for their children.



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