NIT-R students develop AI-based device to control crimes

Rourkela: Two PhD students of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela — K Vinod Kiran and Harshit Srivastava — have developed a device based on artificial intelligence (AI) named “E-Warn system”, which can be useful to curb crime.

The device named eWARNSYSTEM provides an IoT-enabled integrated platform to address issues like pollution monitoring, accident detection, crime event analysis, and traffic analysis with management. The system uses a hybrid configuration (i.e., the combination of edge computation, fog computation, and cloud computation). All the real-time data such as various pollutant levels (AQI), live video streams, vehicle-related signals such as vibration, sound, etc. are captured by appropriate sensors. Then low-end computations such as acquisition, pre-processing, etc. are performed at the edge device to minimize the time latency.

This processed information coming from various edge devices is further analyzed by the fog computing devices (e.g., high-end workstations), and analyzed data is sent to the cloud servers. Finally, all the analyzed information is decimated to the user through the devolved web and mobile applications. Whenever pollution level increases beyond the threshold, a vehicle suffers from the accident, and a crime incident occurs; the real-time notification is sent to the respective users or the departments.

EWARN System provides multipurpose devices with extendable functionalities which broadly related to the sensor systems, Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics. It also renders an emergency alert message/ service call to registered users. In addition to it, we are also providing Machine assisted debugging, troubleshooting which helps in increasing the reliability of the product, the developers said.

About the start-up journey:

Harshit and Vinod were involved in IMPRINT project, a Make in India Initiative since 2017. Primarily main objective was product development; later on they thought of developing some products for the society and do the commercialization through start-up initiations. Then the start-up Ewarnsystem came into existence on 21st June, 2020 by K Vinod Kiran and Harshit Srivastava, mentored by Prof. Santosh Kumar Das of NIT-R. More than 50 member have been involved directly and indirectly in this project including B.Tech., M.Tech., and PhD students for the development of these products since 2017.

Harshit and Vinod told exclusively to Sambad that, “We are providing a solution to smart city safety and security with the help of IoT as a secure and generic IoT platform for data retrieval and transmission. Popping up of a notification based on a threshold of Emergency Detection and Prediction system along with Real-time data analysis and prediction for efficient management. In addition to it, it helps in real-time activity detection using video surveillance and sensor systems. Both added, in short eWARN System provides the services which comprehensively follow WHO, CPCB, RTO, and Govt. of India guidelines monitoring, emergency event detection, analyzing and sending alert notification also suggesting the favorable environment to the related users.

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