‘No Work No Pay’ for Odisha college teachers, staffers against unauthorised leave

Bhubaneswar: The Higher Education department of the Odisha Government has introduced ‘No Work No Pay’ principle for teachers and staffers of government and aided colleges across the state following reports of their unauthorised absence on multiple occasions.

The department has made it clear that teaching and non-teaching employees can avail leave only after getting approval of the principal.

In a letter to the principals of government and aided colleges, the department mentioned that, “It is seen during the visit of colleges that a number of teaching and non-teaching employees remain on leave without prior approval of the Principal or without prior intimation to the Principal. In this connection, it is hereby clarified that as per relevant Service Rule/Leave Rule, leave is not a matter of right. An employee can take leave only if the leave sanctioning authority permits him to take leave.”

The department further clarified that leave without the permission of the principal will be treated as unauthorised absence resulting in deduction of remuneration for the period of absence.

“If an employee remains on leave without permission/sanction of the leave sanctioning authority, that will be treated as unauthorized absence from duty resulting in loss of pay for the period of unauthorized absence on the basis of ‘No Work No Pay’ principle,” the letter read.

The principals have been directed not to sanction leave to the teachers and staffers for participating in agitations. Participation in such agitational activities will be treated as unauthorised absence.

“Leave shall not be granted for participating in any agitational activity such as Rally, Dharna, Demonstration, etc. If any employee participates in any such agitational activity by remaining absent from duty, that should be treated as unauthorized absence from duty with ‘No Work No Pay’ principle. Participation in any agitational activity shall be viewed adversely which may lead to premature retirement in case of Government employees and withdrawal of Government Grant-in-Aid in case of employees of aided colleges receiving Government GIA,” the letter said.

“Principals have to ensure that no employee of their respective college participates in any form of agitation. If any Principal sanctions leave in favour of an employee thus helping him to participate in any agitational activity, the Principal shall be held responsible for aiding and abetting such activity,” the letter added.

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