North Korea’s Kim Jong Yet To Congratulate President Elect Joe Bidden

Recently Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated President-elect Joe Bidden, but Kim Jong Un has yet to acknowledge Mr. Bidden for the Presidential election’s win.

For the last two US presidents, North Korea had been greeted with the tests of missiles or nuclear bombs in weeks of taking office. According to the reports, North Korea is not unusual to remain silent on US elections’ results. Even in the past, Kim held many exceptional meetings with President Donald Trump that divulged the mold of relations between the long-time rivals.

Under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Kim Jong Um unwaveringly expanded his capacity to threaten the US land with nuclear weapons.  In 2009 North Korea tested Obama with the launch of a long-range rocket and a nuclear device, and in 2017 Trump was greeted to the White House with a range of ballistic missile tests.

“Regardless of the US presidency, the North Korean regime is unlikely to change its behavior or shift its strategy toward the US,” said Soo Kim, a Rand Corp. policy analyst who previously worked at the Central Intelligence Agency, according to the reports of Hindustan Times.

According to a policy paper, Biden’s camp has indicated more opportunity for negotiations and that he wants “jump start” a campaign with US associates and others for denuclearization. Even at the second presidential debate held in October, Biden called Kim a “thug” but later stated that he could meet the North Korean leader if he moved to decrease his nuclear arsenal.

As per reports, Kim is likely to give signs on the new Biden administration’s proposal during the annual New Year’s address, one of the most important political speeches on the country’s political calendar. North Korea is also anticipated to hold a rare ruling party congress at around the time of Biden’s commencement to set out a new five-year plan for its economy, which is directed for its most crucial colloquialism in more than two decades due to sanctions, the coronavirus and a series of natural disasters.

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