Not losing belly fat?  Here’s where you might be going wrong

Bhubaneswar:  Exercising regularly and following a proper diet plan and yet, you are stuck with that stubborn belly fat?

Maybe there’s something you are not doing right. But what could that be!

Belly fat is normally an outcome of regular deposition of visceral fat around the centre of your body. They don’t just shudder your self-confidence but also invite several diseases in due course of time.

Here are eight possible reasons why you might not be losing your belly fat:


You are eating the wrong foods

You might be eating a lot of starch, carbohydrates and bad fats like too much chocolates, cakes, fatty meat, burgers, fries, etc.  These contribute to the bulging of your midsection.

In order to check that, switch to vegetables, lean proteins and healthier fats like nuts and fish.



If you are a habitual smoker, cutting those extra pounds could be next to impossible for you because studies have shown that smoking adds to abdominal and visceral fat.  Now, this might motivate you to quit smoking.


You’re doing the wrong exercises

If you are exercising and still failing to cut down your belly fats, you are either not exercising enough or, you might be doing all the wrong exercises.

To effectively shed those extra pounds, add weight training to your workout schedule. Weight training helps build muscle and more the muscles more amount of calories are burnt. For starters, aerobic exercises like walking or running might help. Then, gradually raise the intensity of your workout.  


Your stress levels are up

Mass Trauma of Coivd-19
Pic Courtesy: Verywell Mind

Stress hormones called cortisols make belly fat more stubborn.  So, work on managing your stress levels. Add some exercise or yoga to relax or ask for medical help.


You don’t drink enough water

Water is the most natural beverage that not only helps detoxify your system but also trims belly fats. So, instead of wasting time and money on energy drinks or soft drinks, drink plenty of water regularly.


Not sleeping well


If you are not sleeping well, your body’s normal functioning will be disrupted and it will release stress hormones. That would add up to your already stubborn belly fat.  So, make sure you sleep enough and well if you wish to get rid of your belly fat fast.


Drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages, energy drinks

Alcohol has calories and they make your belly pop. So, if you are into too much beer, moderating the intake or quitting it would be a better option.  The same goes with energy drinks as they contain high sugar-content that leads to calories build-up.


Your genes

Pic courtesy: Medical News Today

A person’s genetic composition also plays a key role in determining their body weight. If obesity is in your genes, getting rid of fat entirely might be a difficult goal to achieve. But, that’s not impossible. With proper exercises and diet plans, one can check on their obesity.


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