Odia cuisine Pakhala to be added to Rashtrapati Bhavan’s food menu

Bhubaneswar: The newly elected President Draupadi Murmu can relish her most favourite Odia cuisine at Raisina Hill too as ‘Pakhala’ will be added to the Rashtrapati Bhavan’s food menu soon.

With becoming the 15th President of India, some changes are also seen in the grand Rashtrapati Bhavan. Reports said, for the first time, traditional Odia food Pakhala along with Sajana Saga (drumstick leaves) and Aloo Bharta (mashed potatoes) will be included in the kitchen of President’s House after Murmu assumed the office.

As the new President Draupadi Murmu is a vegetarian and relishes only Satvik food (without onion and garlic), a new menu has been prepared keeping her choices in mind.

‘Pakhala’ is the favorite food of every Odia. It is also dearest to Murmu. As recently revealed by Murmu’s sister-in-law Shakyamuni, the new President also likes to have Sajana Saga and Aloo Bharta along with Pakhala in her meal. Therefore, Pakhala will be placed in the menu to serve the President at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

In upcoming days, news may come up from Rashtrapati Bhavan that dignitaries visiting President being satisfied by having Pakhala in their meal.

According to reports, during the tenure of each President, food of his/her own state gets a place in the kitchen of Rashtrapati Bhavan. Earlier, Bengali cuisine was included in the menu of Rashtrapati Bhavan when Pranab Mukherjee was the President of country. The south Indian food was also in the menu during the tenure of Presidents belonging to southern region of the country.

In 2006, Murmu turned a vegetarian after she lost her two sons and husband. She also cooks well. She enjoys cooking on special occasions. She had insisted her chefs to include a dash of Odisha cuisine at Ranchi Raj Bhavan for the VIPs when she was the Governor of Jharkhand.


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