Odia Lyricist Pramod Parida alleges murder attempt by Humane Sagar’s manager

Parida has alleged that he suffered serious injuries in his head after the playback singer's manager and his accomplice abducted and assaulted him in the latter's office.

Cuttack: Ollywood singer Humane Sagar has landed up in a controversy after lyricist Pramod Parida alleged that a murder attempt on him was made by the former’s manager and his associate in Badambadi area of Odisha’s Cuttack district today.

Parida has alleged that he suffered serious injuries in his head after the playback singer’s manager and his accomplice abducted and assaulted him in the latter’s office.

As per his complaint with Badambadi police, Sagar’s manager Dinesh Behera alias Papu and his associate reached Parida’s house in Palamandap in Badambadi locality on Tuesday afternoon. Before Parida could react, Papu threatened him at gunpoint and started abusing him. Accusing Parida of defaming Sagar on social media, Papu dragged him out of his house and took him on a two-wheeler to a house near Sunshine field where a group of around seven to eight youths tied up the lyricist’s hands and feet and thrashed him mercilessly. Papu even went ahead and reportedly hit Parida’s head with an iron rod after which the letter fell unconscious.

After he regained consciousness, he found himself naked with his gold chain and watch missing. Parida further alleged that the youths had made a video of the entire episode and given him a death threat if he ever wrote anything against Sagar on social media. “Humane Sagar’s manager Papu and another goon reached my place at around 2 pm. They put a gun on my head and threatened me, accusing me of writing derogatory remarks about the singer on social media. They then blindfolded me and took me to a place which I later found was Sagar’s office. I was subjected to torture for around three to four hours there. The place had sharp weapons and looked like a terrorist camp, not an office of a playback singer,” he told mediapersons.

When asked about the presence of Humane Sagar in the office, Parida said he was not there but the goons and his manager told him that the abduction and assault was carried out on the singer’s instructions and in his knowledge. “There has recently been a change in Humane Sagar’s behaviour towards everyone. He seems disinterested in singing and is getting involved in unneccesary conflicts with everyone. I had no enmity with him. In fact, right from the start of his professional journey, we have worked together. The post he is referring to was a general one. My social media account is open to public where I write about issues affecting the music industry. It takes around six months for a song to be completed and I had raised concern about dearth of singers. Does that mean he is the only singer? From whatever interactions I have had with him, Sagar seems oriented more towards hooliganism,” Parida said.





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