Odia researcher’s gift for senior citizens; develops health monitoring system

Bhubaneswar: Odia researcher and IIT-Kharagpur professor Aurobinda Routray gave a Christmas gift for the senior citizens by developing a unique health monitoring system for the elderly people.

The service called OASIS (Old Age Support Integrated Services) is an integrated system for the elderly providing 360 degree solutions to their health problems through fall sensors, heart rate sensors, infrared sensors, motion sensor, radar sensor and pressure sensor, said Routray, lead researcher and founder of OASIS.

OASIS is a comprehensive structure that would act as an information system on one hand and a health monitoring system on the other for the elderly.

“The two-pronged strategy is designed keeping in mind both the services as well as the product aspects. The existing players in market are presently catering to a single aspect thus leaving behind a vacuum on the other side. Our aim is to position OASIS in such a way so as to bridge the existing gap and touch all the aspects via a single integrated system,” he said.

Further explaining about the device, he said the sensor will be integrated to a ‘Complete Sleep Monitoring System’ with Android App which can be monitored remotely.

The health care monitoring services will be available in wearable forms like pedometer or fall sensor in thermal sensory equipment or radar equipment or an attendance system.

“These devices will monitor the elderly 24×7 and send health information in real-time through a cloud information system to the care giver or family member connected for the elderly person under monitoring,” research scholar and OASIS co-founder Anushree Basu said.

She also said that it will also assess the risk factor and recommend the next course of action based on collected data for each individual.

The information system would be linked with databases of hospitals and doctors.

Speaking about the benefits of the system for old age homes, Routray said the system would provide access to donors and stakeholders who would be linked to the individual beneficiary so that they get regular updates on the beneficiary’s health, activities and expenses.

The venture has been co-founded by another Odia Narayan Chandra Nayak from the same institute and Mumbai-based entrepreneur Chandrashekhar Sakpal.

The Cuttack-born researcher, who is a professor of Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT-KGP , said the products are being tested in some old age homes and hospitals in Varanasi and also looking for corporate partners in the area of CSR who could help subsidise the device.

The team, which comprises Professor Mamata Jenamani, Dr. Runa Sena Chatterjee, research scholars Akankshya Samal and Suvodip Chakraborty apart from Routray and Basu, took five years to complete the innovation.

The team had also conducted a demonstration in a school in Cuttack earlier in the year.

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