Odia scientist explains how sun kisses Ram Lalla’s forehead at Ayodhya temple

Bhubaneswar: Using a few lenses and mirrors, a team of scientists today directed a ray of sunlight to the forehead centre of the Ram Lalla idol in Ayodhya temple. Devotees witnessed this unique event which was carried out under the ‘Surya Tilak’ project on the occasion of Ram Navami.

Interestingly, the CSIR-CBRI team behind the project includes an Odia scientist Dr. SK Panigrahi.

“Reflection of the sunlight is being transferred through four mirrors and four lenses right from the temple’s top floor up to the deity’s forehead,” scientist Panigrahi expressed.

“Architectural design of the temple is a complex one. Hence, we had to drill at different points and fix the mirrors and lenses. The sunlight is carried through special pipes to finally reach the idol. Sunlight flashed on the Lord’s forehead at around 22 seconds past Noon. As the mechanism is entirely based on the movement of the Sun, the timing is very crucial and hence can be used only on Ram Navami day. The project will remain functional till it completes a 19-year cycle,” the CSIR-CBRI scientist stated.

Notably, Ram Lalla’s Surya Tilak was of 58 mm in size and the reflection occurred on His forehead centre for nearly three minutes. However, the full illumination existed for around two minutes.

Dr. SK Panigrahi, Dr. RS Bisht, Kanti Solanki, V Chakradhar, Dinesh, and Sameer from CSIR-CBRI were in the team led by CSIR-CBRI Director Professor R Pradeep Kumar, who mentored the project.

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